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Avengers E-Ticket Attraction (DCA)


Mar 23, 2015
Orange County, CA
I need to look back and dig this up, but I could've sworn I read Marini said that this was going to be a mix of Falcon, Star Tours, and FoP. We all thought it was going to be a roller coaster or dark ride, but I guess it was going to be neither of those things. Just reading what you have said leads me to what this is what they might be going for (I'll put spoiler tags just in case as well):

Just like you mentioned, you would be seated in the quinjet and then drop out. Going off of what Marini said shortly after it was announced, I think what they were planning is have each "Quinjet" be on a rotating carousel ala Falcon for capacity. There probably would've been an animatronic of Black Panther "piloting" the Quinjet up above. Something would happen, maybe a missile would crash through the Quinjet like StormChaser at TDL and we would have to evacuate. Now here is where the FoP part would kick in:

Like you mentioned, the seats would drop out, perhaps get spaced out to make a more intimate experience, but they would probably do so quickly to add thrill, and they would drop in a reverse manner of Soarin'. In other words, like how the gliders in Soarin' move above each other with the furthest back going the highest, it would be in reverse order; the front row would drop below the first row. Add in a blast of fog to help cover the transition and now it's FoP. We have our own "dome" on the carousel.

Now here's the kicker: it wouldn't make much sense story-wise to have us back on the jets if "something goes wrong" in there. We would probably have to rotate into a different chamber to exit. Maybe it would be next to the Quinjet we got "blasted" out of. IDK. That would probably be a hassle dealing with the guests' belongings.

But yeah, that would explain why the show building looked REALLY tall in the concept art. Gotta make room for the "Quinjets" towards the ceiling and the big screens beneath.
Disney has said at the announcement that it would be a ride system "never used in any Disney park before". What I described would definitely be a new ride system for Disney even if they are re-inventing the wheel here. I'd be a little disappointed that it would still be a glorified simulator, but at least there would be just enough thrill factor and practical effects to make it impressive. Actually, that would be a pretty good ride!

There is also the strong possibility Chapek said "Ooof" at the concept knowing it would cost mucho dinero and demanded it be a simple copy and paste of FoP. I really hope they go for something along the lines of what I just described.
Damn, that sounds awesome!!


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Dec 7, 2009
Universal Exports
I would kill for a new age suspended dark ride with a motion base. Imagine IOA Spidey and ET fused together. That would really be something interesting. It would even better give you the illusion of flying a Quinjet.
I love this idea!

I'd probably agree with that, as the trackless system isn't right for the property.

I'd much rather a coaster over FOP tho
In fairness, is there any ride type you'd rather have than a coaster, though? ;)


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Aug 17, 2009
So there’s really no reason to jump the gun this early writing off a new ride just because the tech has been used before.
We're here to speculate. Until they actually deliver any details, all we can do is discuss rumors and react accordingly :shrug:

On the other hand, you have Rise of the Resistance, which was innovative by any reasonable standard and yet everyone is mad that it breaks down and still requires VL because of its complexity.
Breakdowns happen. The VL is the real sin of Rise in my eyes. Even then, I still consider Rise a top 5 attraction in Orlando and would never trade it away.

I don’t mean to be the go-to cheerleader for Avengers Campus (I don’t think it’s great but it’s not as bad as everyone has made it out to be). But these reactions are shockingly negative and, like, Disney can generally be counted on to create a solid product…the worst new thing they’ve done was what, the newer version of the Imagination ride?

That’s not even to say…how often do rumors at this stage end up panning out completely anyway?
The reactions are negative for a number of reasons. Brian & several others touched on it earlier, but this is one of the biggest modern franchises in the world and they're really doing very little of interest with it throughout their parks. Hearing that this may be another clone doesn't muster up much excitement after one disappointment of a ride in the land.

Disney also played into this completely by doing yet another half-launch of a major land with no ETA or progress on the main attraction. They don't get praise for crossing the finish line eventually. They get penalized for leaving guests with half-baked lands for years on now multiple occasions. Even then, by delaying the main attraction, expectations inevitably will rise.

The 'screens' factor definitely doesn't help either.

It's not like people want to hate this. People love Marvel. You can find comments earlier in this thread of the same people disappointed now being excited back then.
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Dec 7, 2009
Universal Exports
I think something akin to Forbidden Journey would be great for Avengers. If I had to pick a cloned ride system for the property, it would probably be that
It certainly gives you more versatility and flexibility to incorporate different kinds of elements throughout the experience than the general BTTF/Soarin'/FOP set-up does.
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Jun 29, 2020
It certainly gives you more versatility and flexibility to incorporate different kinds of elements throughout the experience than the general BTTF/Soarin'/FOP set-up does.
I completely agree. I’ve never ridden FOP but I’m sure it can be an incredible experience. The reason a clone of this ride system leaves me feeling underwhelmed is, even though it’s a completely different film/story, there is really only one type of experience you can expect from it. Had they chose to go even with a Kuka or Transformers transit system, at least there would be some surprises. Surprises like what physical environments are they going to create, what animatronics might we see. Another strength of a more traditional ride system is the ability to have scenes and transitions to allow the story to move as it pleases.
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Feb 15, 2010
The Mushroom Kingdom
It certainly gives you more versatility and flexibility to incorporate different kinds of elements throughout the experience than the general BTTF/Soarin'/FOP set-up does.
I think it would give the ability to do the "flying theater" portions along with some physical scenes in a way that would really work with the superhero theme


Jul 8, 2019
Lets build it everywhere.
Obvious sarcasm aside, one of the upsides of the Fox merger was turning the absolutely massive financial penalty for not building a second copy of Flight of Passage into left pocket/right pocket money.