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Halloween Horror Nights 32 (UOR) - Speculation & Rumors

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Everyone seems to be talking about Woodstock 69 but if I recall correctly there was another culturally significant woodstock a few years later that would fit in EXTREMELY well with the Vamp theme...
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Vamp '69, I can see the memes now.

If it exists, they need to get scent canisters that smell like.. well, you know.

Jungle zone could be really cool in Central Park I think. I'm just curious about what that zone would contain.
Here’s my take of the rumored Jungle Zone: The original concept Krampus house was on the first spec map that sounds like a Scary Tales type of house like Tooth Fairy, but never went through. It’s an easy guess, but what if the rumored Jungle zone has the same aesthetic as the same particular house franchise inspired by the Jungle Book with a Hindu lore spin like what I want? There’s a lot of potential you could do with it. I don’t think this would work with puppets, meaning we would see humanized versions of the animals played by scareactors like the Lion King Broadway costumes.

I can picture Mowgli wearing a hooded cloaked Tiger pelt of Shere Khan other than a traditional Indian loincloth called a langot, Kaa as a female naga in a sari for a femme fatale scare, Baloo as a reference to a humanoid bear from the Hindu lore named Jambavan who is the king of bears, a humanoid Bagheera with a tilak mark on his forehead and red spots as a reflection to a Hindu deity named Durga who is associated with panthers, a humanoid Hathi as a reference to an elephant type of deity named Ganesha, and the Bandar-Log pack as the Varana monkeys. As for the wolf pack, there are werewolves from the myths. Well, not really but kinda.
I’m skeptical of a “jungle” zone simply because it’s the sort of thing that would be very hard to do without becoming politically problematic. They’d have to have a very clever, specific twist on the concept - but maybe they do!
I’d say that they’d need to stick to bug/animal inspired creatures, and stay away from any human characters
Not sure how a Jungle themed zone inspired by a GNR song would work. Looking back at the lyrics and the actual meaning, Its actually about Los Angeles and the hedonistic culture that was going on, especially in the Sunset Strip with all the rockstar antics and debaucheries.
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