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HHN 30 Construction Thread


Mar 27, 2019
Lol, those were my photos. Am I allowed to post then in here for those that want to see? I took them from in the park so it isn't from a backstage pov, but I completely understand if I can't post them and will respect the mods decision.

Those set pieces were directly on the left of the Puppet facade but they didn't seem like they were attached to it. I don't see the purpose of setting those pieces there if they are always backstage unless they are being used for a zone or they are trying to block the construction views
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Jul 1, 2010
Ominous propaganda posters, Prison camp, Military feel, etc. Seems like they are going for a ripoff Purge zone here with what The Purge is based on at it's very core.
With aliens, I'm getting more of a "V" vibe, but those rights are probably a mess. An homage to an 80s horror-adjacent IP that was absolutely huge in its day feels right in the modern HHN wheelhouse, tho I have doubts anyone under 30 reading this has even heard of it.