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Horror Movies Thread

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Wrapped the weekend with a double bill of the original and re-imagining of The Slumber Party Massacre and they're both just such good popcorn slasher films. The original has its tongue planted so firmly in its cheek that it's hard not to love, dishing out equal parts humor, driller killer offings and surprisingly deep themes while the 2021 re-imagining is just an over the top meta romp that has a ton of affection for the original film and overall franchise.
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Can anyone recommend some of the “50 foot Monster” movies from the 50s and 60s? (Not Kaiju.)
I sure can!

THEM! (1954) is the very best of the giant bug movies, but TARANTULA (1955) is also fun.

THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS (1953) is Kaiju-esque (by some accounts, a direct influence on the original GODZILLA), but certainly well worth seeing, as well.
I expected them to delay The Exorcist. I did not anticipate it being caused by T Swift! :eyes:

I’m sure he wants the audience to actually hear the dialogue instead of hundreds of Swifties in the surrounding theaters screaming 1, 2, 3 let’s go bitch!
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Ah, well, then I appreciate Blumhouse giving me the option of completely staying away from the cinema that weekend!


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At this point I gotta wonder if October is contractual. This movie would kill on Easter.

Might be. Might also be one of the first casualties we see of the strikes, as my understanding is this sucker needed reshoots and couldn't get them.
I think the chance to get the movie in theaters for the Halloween season -- and during the 50th Anniversary year of the original film -- would be too much to pass up.