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Horror Movies Thread

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As someone who’s only watched the first two Saw entries (and might consider watching Saw VI), will I be lost if I haven’t watched any of the other Saw movies?
You won't be lost! In fact, you've seen more than you need! This story takes place between 1 and 2, and feels like the real middle chapter we were missing given the ending of saw 2 bringing it back to the bathroom

I've heard several people call this Bell's best performance in the series by far. Accurate?
I'd say yes. 2 is well acted as well, but this is a new level for him that I think will help further his career in regards to people believing in him as a 'serious' actor if they hadn't before. He kills it with empathy, psychopathy, and a refreshing excitement. It's like everyone involved knew that Saw X was a story fans had wanted and actually made sense in regards to the overall narrative.

The traps are Killer, as well! Very little cg blood which is always appreciated In a gore franchise
Anyone ever had a horror film you were either curious about or obsessed with; yet never actually watched?
Not exactly, but there are a few films where I know enough about them to know that I don't need/want to see them, such as SALO, MARTYRS, and A SERBIAN FILM.

I generally don't like exercises in misery.
i did speed through/ fast forward through salo and serbian film lol. seem pretty horrible. i completely avoid martyrs will add Cannibal Holocaust and some extremely gory Japanese films (the ones that caused Charlie Sheen to call the FBI lol) as well as Taiwanese movie The Sadness i also fully avoid.

It will never not make me sad that Michael gets reboot after reboot while Jason and Freddy are forced to sit collecting dust. Especially since they're better characters. Yeah, I said it!
jason is getting both a movie And a tv prequel, soon hopefully.

Freddy is the one we need the most, but is the hardest to do because it simply would not be the same without Englund. You can toss anybody in a kirk mask or a hockey mask.

There is just one Freddy though.

Hell even Chucky would not work without Durif; sorry Mark Hamill enjoyers.

hellboy and freddy kruger should get stunt doubles for the body work, and cgi faces and be voiced by Robert and Ron.... come on....its so easy and obvious
Saw X is seriously messed up. Kevin Gretutart gets to make the best film he's ever directed, the editing is top notch, the script is clearly the passion project that the writers of the last 3 actually had wanted to write before being detoured to soft reboot and chris rock territory, and holy crap does Tobin bell deliver. Genuinely scary, genuinely intense, also darkly comedic. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys their horror a little more grizzly

saw x was absolutely disgusting... and depressing, and sad.
took 10 movies to get a great saw sequel, thats kinda sad, jigsaw should have never been killed so early in saw 3... what a huge mistake
this movie has much more emotion than the others. except 3 maybe. shawnee smith also gives a great performance.
visually its very disgusting. really good
If anyone's looking for a classic horror anthology, Mario Bava's BLACK SABBATH (1963) gets a recommendation from me. Three good (and quite different) stories, vivid and stylish visual elements, and a couple of moments that are legitimately bone-chilling. Bava's direction is strong, and he shows himself to be an underrated technician in terms of placing the camera and the performers within a scene for maximum effect. And though it provides some jolts and shocks, it keeps things in the realm of the classy.

You have to be comfortable with subtitles, though, as this is an Italian film. An English-language version does exist, but it was also re-edited to the movie's detriment (so I've been told, anyway).

It's currently available for free (with a few ads) on Tubi.
Well, I thought The Loved Ones was pretty messed up and then I watched Kill List.

Kill List is a lot.

Agreed, I do enjoy this film and it's one heck of a slow burn, but I fully agree it's very much a lot. Especially if you're going in bli-

Oooooh, well I think you can agree that you went for a ride with the film. Might not been one you wanted, but it took you there anyway!

I'll go watch it right now and going blind right now. I know nothing about it. Wish me luck
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Got to see Saw X today and.................. it's freakin great! It's a slow burn, with much darker and emotional scenes. Really hope another sequel is in the works with Kevin Greutert in the Director's chair.
I've only seen good things

I was going to see it last week...but bad day at work made me just...not have the energy to. So hopefully I get to see it soon
I'm seeing Exorcist: Believer in a few hours, will update this post later with my thoughts. Very excited.
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I'm seeing Exorcist: Believer in a few hours, will update this post later with my thoughts. Very excited.
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Honestly.... I really enjoyed it. It isn't perfect but I found that the writing with the characters was really solid and I was invested in the story because of that. Has some really creepy moments as well. Ending was awesome.

EDIT: Just want to add some more thoughts. As much as I enjoyed it, it's flawed. I feel like they played it a little safe. Not as intense as the trailers/posters indicate or the HHN house despite some scary moments. The actual exorcism could've been a little better but for what's its worth I found it fun. Interested in how they continue this story in Deceiver. Definitely think there's a lot of potential! I also hope we get a directors cut of some kind for Believer, I feel like there was a lot cut from this movie tbh. Otherwise I found the film really solid and hope you guys give it a chance!
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I didn't love THE EXORCIST: BELIEVER, but it's definitely nowhere near as bad as the reviews make it sound. Good lead performance, some solid filmmaking. Unfortunately, it is just totally empty on philosophical and/or spiritual levels, with absolutely nothing to say. And given that the two best EXORCIST movies (the only truly good ones, let's be real) wrestle with big ideas, it's unfortunate that BELIEVER doesn't even make an attempt to engage on that level.

And I think bringing back Ellen Burstyn (and heavily promoting her presence in the movie) was a mistake.
What’s the other best Exorcist film?

Widely agreed by many to be The Exorcist III: Legion, which was directed by William Peter Blatty, author of the original Exorcist novel. It's an uneven film buoyed by two incredible performances, some stellar scares, and impressive big swings, even if they don't all land. A studio-mandated ending undermines what it's going for a bit, but it's still quite the achievement, in my opinion.
I prefer the studio ending to Blatty's original intent, actually. If nothing else, George C. Scott gets a great monologue there.

Blatty's ending works in the book, but it's way too much of an anticlimax for a movie.

I think it's one of the best horror films of the 1990s, imperfections and all.
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