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The Future of Lost Continent (Poseidon Fury closing May 9)

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I’d like to see story points from OoT since that game has the clearest and most traditional good vs evil story that could be translated to a ride. I’d like to see BOTW and TOTK used for the aesthetic since those are both fresher and more expansive to pull from. I think the OoT ganondorf was basically made for a theme park with his hulk-like transformation into the pig-beast. I say let the ride be OoT inspired but have the rest of the land and the shops feel like BOTW and TOTK
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Are other people using it as signatures? I can’t tell because I only use my phone and can only see signatures if I flip sideways lol
Omg that’s your signature, love it! Only noticed on desktop. It’s gotten play on other sites. I just love it. It just feels appropriate now more than ever too.
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Don’t want to derail this too much but I wanted to share this and thought this would be cool for UO to do this sometime in the future. Don’t know what IP they could do with this but the reason I posted this here I’ll share shortly.

I had some crazy dream I was in an alternate universe IoA and Poseidon’s Fury was not the show that’s about to close but it turned out to be a VERY elaborate water coaster. The ride started off as a slow flume ride and then it launched from the flume into this big coliseum that was exposed to the outdoors. The arena was the roller coaster portion and then it launched up into the mountain back into a log flume. It was slow moving before it went into a dark tunnel before it would drop in pitch darkness and have another roller coaster portion in the dark. After that, the boats would slowly float back to the station.

I rode it a second time in my dream but for some reason, the ride ended right before the tunnel that dropped into pitch darkness and redesigned the ride to end right before that dark drop. I remember walking off the ride really mad telling my friends it wasn’t supposed to do that and the park was having cheap budget cuts.

That’s all. I had to get that out somewhere lol
What kind of backroom thing is this? Because I have had a really similar dream, except with a distinct memory of going on it as a child in IOA. Then learned it never existed…
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Very minor Tears of the Kingdom spoilers (it's the intro of the game):
Imagine an animatronic of that withered, skeleton Ganon.