Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle (USH)


Mar 27, 2019
Sounds like a good show! How windy was it that they couldn’t use the drones AND fire? How did the fog work in the wind? I’m scared Saturday night won’t be the full experience.
It was VERY windy. This will not happen that often. The fog looked fantastic in the wind. If you look closely at the FJ extended queue fence, you can see where the fog comes out. It looks like a very intense water mister. They light up the mist with these special lights and it looks great.

This is Universals best night time offering yet.


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May 14, 2014
Seoul, Korea
Seeing the video for me, its the best castle show but shame they couldn't bring into it, the Death Eater's attack from USJ with live actors. I think that would've helped pushed it over from great to phenomenal and ground breaking.

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Jan 30, 2013
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Niles (TPI) said they didn't do the drones and some other effects because of high winds again last night. He said they showed a partial drone test before the actual show began.


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Nov 23, 2013
The drones were working? They were in Attractions' video of it at least
They got hold of promotional material, which included the Drones.

I think those and potentially Pyro (as they were testing them in the past few weeks) were the two that had to be cut from last nights show, but there wasn't an issue on fire.
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May 19, 2013
While visually spectacular, it seems kinda meh overall. Not much of a storyline that makes sense. At the beginning it's like ok here's some spiders. Oh and here's some dragons. and now some trolls. No rhyme or reason to it. Then later we have Voldemort and death eaters, but then Dumbledore runs them off with harry's patronus? That's not really what a patronus does.

Granted this is one viewing, of the initial show, on a cell phone video, with some of the effects missing. I'm sure live it's a great show to experience. I'd probably go watch it every night if I was there. Just seems that it's lacking in story.
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