Detective Pikachu


Feb 25, 2014
Bringing this back up since the reveal of Avengers: End Game moving up into April is quite relevant.
I was a little worried with the release date of Detective Pikachu being shortly after Avengers, but with A:EG moving up into April, that'll help give it more space for a possible better box office.
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Jun 5, 2017
Mewtwo is a relatively minor spoiler given we don't know his alignment here. The expectation would be that he goes from bad to good (or controlled to be bad then released from the control), but it's not a bad idea for them to spoil his presence to generate more hype...

Mewtwo being there makes it seem like the stakes will be much higher than just finding the guy's lost dad. That's important for the general public most of whom know little about the actual story. Good idea to generate more hype like this since this will generate a lot of additional interest in the movie as an event/must-see movie.