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Dec 13, 2009
Is it? When I lived there for my CRP it rained every day pretty much between May and August. :faint:
In the afternoon/evening when the sea breeze comes in from east and builds cumulus clouds into cumulonibus, creating thunderstoms. These are normally short, and clear within an hour or two.

The rains this week have been coming in from the west and are being fed by a stalled cold front to the north. The rains have been on and off from morning to night and are not directly related to the normal summertime cycle.


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Nov 3, 2015
Cabana Bae
I think they are setting up for media tomorrow. They need to close off the front of Hogsmeade so they need to re-route guests around, and if the new bridge isn't ready they need to make people go around to the other side of the park.
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Jul 17, 2014
Just asked about soft openings, got the response you can imagine. She said it was doubtful they would happen today but it could be a possibility later on.
From a credible source and semi-confirmed by TM: They wanted to start more TM previews this morning, but ran into technical issues. Either they skip TM previews today, which I doubt considering how little rode yesterday, or any softs wouldn’t begin until late afternoon after TMs, or not at all today.

I expect something to happen at noon in 5 mins. Probably more TM previews though.
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