Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion


Aug 5, 2019
Idk if this was a thing last year or not but you can buy pizza fries at louies in New york this year. Last night there was a huge line outside kidszone pizza all night, but at louies I was able to just walk in, grab my fries with zero line!

Lucky Planet

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Sep 23, 2013
For the people who went. Do you guys like it more than the past few years?
RIP. Damn last year was my friends first time and I was telling him how this year is going to be even better, lol. Oh well. We will still have a good time.
I dont know because for me this year is one of the greatest years. Last year was nice but this year has so much more stuff.
The zones are very good this year and very fun. Academy is better this year. Houses are good, the lagoon show is very amazing,
I dont know i feel like this year is very strong


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Aug 18, 2017
Oh man the FB page is ugly right now. :lol:

EDIT: People complaining about lack of scariness. I do think they upped the gore from last year.

SECOND EDIT @Tobias: No, I'm talking about Orlando.
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