Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DHS)

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Jan 21, 2008
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I never said/claimed/thought that you said it was carrying 4K/hour, but you went right past my point: technically the bottleneck is the rubber moving belt. Move the ride to ground level and I'm happy to agree with you, but the ramp area can't handle 4K/hour (let alone 4,885) and that's part of the attraction.

Didn't mean to derail the thread and I admit I jumped in at a weird juncture, but that list as "evidence".... just no.
I mean, it’s not like Disney puts out official lists regarding capacity. I just linked that article as it’s one of the few ordered lists. Again, it still doesn’t disapprove my overall point. Allow me to also stress that a lot of the numbers provided, especially for the Peoplemover, are "Theoretical".


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Mar 13, 2018
Recent history indicates Imagineers don't give a damn about capacity anymore.
Isn't there a rumor that for the new Avengers ride the Imagineers were told to go back to the drawing board to increase the capacity? Hopefully there has been a change in thinking within Imagineering and we may see higher capacity going forwards?

A 'New Hope' as it were :rimshot:

Either way I have a hunch Disney took a total land approach to capacity for GE. ROTR & MFSR would be almost 4000 capacity per hour and they probably think that is enough as they want guests wandering around all the shops buying stuff.


Feb 26, 2014
They just need to refrain from saying "Ride", because the ride portion I believe from what I've been told is about 4:15. The entire experience is 15 minutes yes and once you hit the first pre show you're done with the queue and are off and running. No more switchbacks, waiting, or anything like that. You're "on the ride" on that point. They should just be painting Rise as the ultimate Star Wars experience and not a ride cause honestly, this is much much more than just a ride. The ride will be the best part but trust me folks, tons of sh!t going on here. Gonna be worth the wait for it.
Gee, someone has been saying the ride would be 4 minutes for Months, as others kept saying closer to 6 or even 7.

That's true... I'm just saying, neither of them should be in that list.

Lol, okay.

Sorry, I'll be less dismissive than that - I can see how you think it's 4K+, but actual THRC's aren't always just seats per vehicle x number of dispatches per hour. The ... hmm, how do I put this ... very official number I've seen accounts for the moving belts up and down. You can't theoretically put 4k+ people per hour through that load and unload setup. The THRC to OHRC stepdown then takes into account people per party/pauses/etc.

But I digress... back to RotR.
Yeah, it’s pretty hard to get much more than 2000 people through a queue in an hour, just walking into it and moving forward for others to enter.
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Sep 2, 2012
So I got my FPs this morning for 60 days out (DVC). ROTR & MF have no FPs which is completely understandable but I have to say DHS is a pain in the butt for FPs as they only let you choose one of Slinky/AlienSaucers/TSM/RRC/TOT....that is a bit BS if you ask me. The only other actual ride that I was able to get was Star Tours for each daily visit. So considering how many people will be at the park.....I'm guessing on 2-3 hours for ROTR and 2-3 hours for MF......then another 1-2 hours for every other ride. Hopefully when MMRR opens......they will put Alien Saucers, RRC and TOT in the "other" FP category.


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Jun 21, 2016
Soarin and Midway Mania - which both just added a 3rd theater to help increase capacity.
Which runs completely counter to @Mad Dog saying that “Disney doesn’t care about capacity anymore”. The building of the third theater and track prove they do, in fact, care about capacity in some form.


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Aug 7, 2018
I already know too much so I watched, looks like a fun Star Wars Adventure, I’m down. They showed a lot of it but there’s some AAs still not shown/discovered I think, plus from all I’m hearing the Kylo AA is outstanding. God I’m so excited for next week haha.

Rides like this are why I wished I lived in Orlando cause my hype is through the roof, have to watch 1 POV then never see it again until I ride, I truly truly can not wait
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Jan 30, 2013
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Which runs completely counter to @Mad Dog saying that “Disney doesn’t care about capacity anymore”. The building of the third theater and track prove they do, in fact, care about capacity in some form.
My post was specifically referring to the 'Imagineers' division of the company ( see the wording of that post). The decisions to expand the capacity decision for two attractions that fell woefully short in their original capacity, most probably came from Executives outside and above the Imagineers.


Aug 7, 2018
To those who tracked Hagrid's opening, does the internal stress over performance of the ride on opening day seem as bad or worse than RotR? I know public perception is higher due to Galaxy's Edge, but this feels like it must be really stressful in just terms of operating the ride.

I hope everyone who shows up and stays in line for the ride opening day actually get to ride it. I know some people planned trips for this.