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Dec 24, 2015
We picked up one of these ahead of our upcoming trip:

Has a cable tether so we can loop it around/lock it up to a lounger. Fits a couple of phones with enough extra space for a few other small items if need be.
I got one of those as well. Seems to work well. Security will want to look at it before entering the park. Apparently the locking mechanism sorta looks like a blade in the baggage scanner.


Feb 25, 2011
I was there a few weeks ago and the whole thing was closed down and dry as well. Had the bottom of the slides blocked off.

99% sure they’re doing something with the slides. Longer ending presumed.
Yeah, it’s been non-operational for at least a couple months now.

I’m going to say that’s a really good assumption. ;)


Dec 16, 2015
Surrey, England
Any expansion I would love to see something that kids in the 40-42 inch range can ride with their families. Not that we've been yet, but looking at the ride list it seems very much "kids here, adults over there". I guess just a family raft ride with a bottom rather than a cloverleaf.


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May 20, 2013
As pointed out in our What's Happening update, Punga Racers will be closed through May 31 for planned maintenance. Lengthy refurbishment with all things considered. I haven't heard anything but seems like a fix is finally on the way.
Are you referring to a fix for the low weight limit due to the injuries? I've still been putting off going here because it seemed like things may have been built too quickly.


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May 20, 2013
That’s not an issue of it being built too quickly.
Maybe being built too quickly was the wrong choice of words. I know that there were unfinished things when they opened along with fluctuating weight capacities. Between those items, the whole shocking thing, and also an injury that I have personal knowledge of, I've been waiting it out. Plus my son can't swim good enough yet.

Maybe this summer will be the summer we give it a shot.
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