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Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion


May 6, 2019


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Feb 25, 2014
Im confused, how does this relate to hhn?
When it comes to announcements, they're not one to step on each others toes when putting them out so whatever is announced can get it's proper media coverage.

So with Comcast/Uni taking charge on the big announcement this Thursday, that's going to dominate the media coverage this week. So HHN won't be announcing anything this week. Now the next two weeks, that's a given.

n i c k

Sep 2, 2015
Looking at the HHN subreddit (among...other places), I see a good deal of resentment towards the Vikings zone. Do people really want to see the same thing over and over?

Judging by The Lion King remake killing at the box office, I know the answer to that question is yes. :'(

There is a HHN subreddit?


Jun 3, 2014
also hhn singapore is annocing stuff on the first as well there time most likely though
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Lucky Planet

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Sep 23, 2013
I do not expect Depths of Fear to be well received based off of what you have said--

the scare actors being almost entirely infected lab researchers and not aliens

--but I don't care. The two I Nightingales is well received.

That Depths of Fear spoiler sounds super lame.
Hype: gone....
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Aug 18, 2017
That Depths of Fear spoiler sounds super lame.
Hype: gone....
My point is that I don't care. It's still an incredibly scary concept, and if they have lots of effects to reinforce the base being on a self-destruct sequence, it will make the conga line more effective. But I see it turning people off, after IT had roughly the same problem with expectations.